Dear Participants,

Below a short version of the e-mail you have received of me! (27/28 April)

5 months to go before we start the Predator Battle Ireland September 2020.
5 months to go to clear the sky, maybe we don’t shake hands yet, but we will be out fishing for sure! (try to stop me!)

I really hope that the Predator Battle Ireland will start coming September 2020, it will be big fun for us all….and we all really need it!!!

When the Predator Battle Ireland will go on it will start coming September 2020.
On the following days, 20, 21/22/23, 24. (see the program on this site).

Other options/dates in the worst case are:
*When September is not possible, we will move the date to coming October 2020.
Date 25, 26/27/28, 29. (don’t expect that this will happen)
*Trout season will be closed so we will increase the other species with one each!
*When October is not possible, we will postpone the competition to September 2021.
*We have some other options in mind as well but let’s see and wait for the moment.

Your payments are 100% safe but, your paid entry fee can’t be claimed as refund “payment conditions Predator Battle” and we pointed it out to you in the invoice as well with a link to “Entry fee” here on the page.
Further we had to pay the 1st prize the Alumacraft, Suzuki 50 and the boat trailer with your entry fee as well and much more!

When the 2020 competition is postponed to September 2021, we use your paid registration fee for participation in that year.

Hope it’s all clear for you and that we all meet each other coming September.

And yes I know it is not easy, but this looks like the best option for us all!

Herman Molenaar/fisHerman
Mainstreet, Killaloe.
County Clare. V94 HNT7