Program 2021

Program (Covid-19) for the Predator Battle Ireland 2020, Lough Derg.
Please have a good read to keep us all safe, even when you think that
Covid-19 is bull shit!! Respect others please, when not please stay home!!

If you have fever and/or cough you should stay at home regardless of your travel or contact history. Other symptoms, breathing difficulty, flu-like symptoms and
loss of sense of taste or smell. Stay home and call your local doctor or 999.

Program to avoid gatherings/groups/unsafe area’s, minor text mistakes possible!
Anything what has to do with the competition will be outside in the open air!

20 September Sign Up starts at 13.00 till 15.00 at Flanagans on the lake.
• This year we will do it outside and team by team to avoid groups.
• Please wear a mask if you want at the Sign Up, and keep the 2 meter distance.
•Sign Up, collecting your measuring board with documents and the free goodies.
• At least one member of the team must be present at this Sign Up.
• When you are out fishing you can moor your boat at Flanagans and jump out and go back fishing after it!
• If your complete team does not attend this day you cannot fish the competition.
• No deposit for the measuring board/plank this year, but if you lose or damage it you have to pay the 20 Euro. We count on your decency!
• After collecting your goods you have to leave this/our area when it’s busy.

21, 22 and 23 September, competition days from 9.00 till 17.00.
• The boats will be checked by the competition organizers between 7.15 and 8.30.
• The venue for this check is the boat jetty in Killaloe/Ballina.
• If you are too late for the boat control check you will not be allowed to fish the competition on that day. (So be sure you are on time!)
• You have to stay in your boat and wait for instructions, not allowed to walk around on the jetty! Please wear a mask for a short moment at least!
• After the boat inspection you will receive your Navionics sign and we make the first photo with your smart phone of the team.
• The first photo made by us must be sent first to our WhatsApp checkpoint to activate your team number. After this your catch photos. (number provided by us)
• At 8.30 sharp all boats will leave the harbor slowly after or sign to the beginning of the lake where we will start the competition at 9.00.
• After each competition day you have to bring your Navionics sign back to one of the stewards before 17.00 (check your Navionics map for the returning points)
• If you are too late bringing back your Navionics sign your day catch does not count. Stewards will leave their spot at 17.00.
• Sending your catch photo’s starts at 9.00 till 17.15 sharp.
• Free soup with bread or a pint of any kind beer with your main course at Boruma Bar

24 September prize giving evening starts at 18.00 sharp  Flanagans on the Lake
• We have to follow al Covid-19 regulations and restaurant rules!
Respect that please,one mistake and to could be closed by the authorities!
• Further like the Sign up team by team and 2 meter distance.
• It will be examined day after day. Goverment
•You can’t bring family/friends/others to the…. prize giving!