Participation Rules Predator Battle Ireland.
You have to bring each a simple sword, wood or plastic!

The Predator Battle Ireland is an open CPVR (Catch, Photo, Video & Release) Predator Angling competition, and you do not have to qualify to participate in this contest.
*** No life jacket no competition, No yellow hi vis vest no competition ***

Sign in.
At least one person of a team has to be present at the team sign in!
You will get a map and other documentation plus you have to collect your measuring board after paying a deposit of 50 euro. (no you can not pay the next day)
Failure to respect the sign in will lead to total exclusion of the team.

Prize giving evening/day.
You must be present to get a prize, otherwise the prize will go to the next team!
Reason…we need photos for the sponsors etc. You keep your position/ranking place.
Of course only the 1st prize is a fixed one, but all the other prizes are free of choice. Example, you win the 2nd prize….you can take any prize you want.
Same for the 3rd, 4th and so on.

Sponsor Prizes.
All promised sponsor prizes like announced are confirmed, when a sponsor prize is different the sponsor is/stays responsible. You have to contact them and of course we will help you where we can!
You can sell only your products/goods prizes, fishing trips are only for the winners and you have to collect them within one year by contacting the sponsor.

Catch Photo Release CPVR:
• Each team is made up of two participants and both members compete as a team.
• There can only be 2 persons in 1 boat, you have to stay in your boat!
• This team needs to take a photo & video of their catch on the given measuring board.
CPR means Catch, Photo, Video and Release before you start fishing again!
• After making a photo & video the fish should immediately be released alive.

Photos & Videos of your fish:
• Each team have to bring a smart phone with a camera on it.
• The organization will take the first photo of the team with their team’s camera.
• You can use only this phone number so pick the best smart phone of the team.
• You have to send this photo first to an whatsapp number provided by us to make your team number active for your day catches.
• You can send in catch photos & videos only from the start at 9.00 am till 17.00 pm.
• A measuring board/plank will be handed to you the day before the competition starts, we have to see your team number always on a photo.
• Each team must be in possession of a second camera as a backup.
• Making duplicate photos with the second camera is a requirement, you never know!
• Those photos & videos should be send with time and date of the catch.
• Send only one photo & video of your fish on the measuring board.
• Photos & videos with the fish on the measuring board only horizontal/flat.
• On any photo & video we have to see your team number, no team number no score!
• On any photo & video we have to see your day card as well, no day card no score!
• On any photo & video we have to see your hand as well on it (see sign in map)
• Photos & videos with dead and/or blood-stained fish are excluded for match points.
• Photos & videos of the fish only from its left side and from top till toe with its lip against the top of the board. (head on the left, tail on the right)
• Video will be the same as the photo only now you say your team number the day & the length of your fish, video length at least 10 seconds.
• Trout, you have to proof with the video it’s alive and/or by releasing it!
• The fish should only be held on the board of measurement by hand.
• When we find a did pike we will make an photo on the measuring board to see who
caught this fish, when we recognize the fish as your catch it will not count.

Measurement Board:
• An official Predator Battle measuring board is provided to each team.
• You are obliged to use only this measurement board provided by the organizers.
• You pay €50.- as a deposit and after returning the board, the deposit will be refunded.
• On any photo you make we have to see your team number and your day card.

One person of a team is obliged to wear a yellow-hi-visible safety-vest-jacket.
Only artificial lures are allowed.
• Maximum 4 rods per team in use is allowed, you can bring so many rods if you wish.
• Only 4 artificial lures in use are allowed during the match, 1 per rod.
• Only 4 rods can be ready with 1 artificial lure on it.
• The following fishing methods are allowed:
Jerk bait fishing, trolling, diagonals, fly fishing, spinning, verticals / drop shot, etc.
• Fishing with dead, live or cut bait or other forms of live/dead baits are not allowed.

Contest behaviors:
• A team consists of two anglers per boat.
• The match will be fished over three competition days.
• Before each competition day, all teams with their boats will be inspected by the organizers at the specified time and location.
• It is forbidden during the competition to exit the specified fishing competition area, or approach another boat and / or to approach the shore, you have to stay in your boat!
• During the match, the minimum distance between the participating boats is 50 meters.
• During the match, the minimum distance between all other boats is 50 meters.
• Fishing is only permitted in the indicated competition area which can be resized every year by the organizers.
• With poor weather the organization provides a shorter alternative program.
• The organizers can decide during or before the match for an earlier retirement. The organizers then determine whether the lost fishing time will be recovered or not.
• One person of a team is obliged to wear a yellow-hi-visible safety-vest-jacket during the whole match which you have to bring yourself. This is to differentiate themselves from other anglers who do not participate in the event.

• Points are earned as a team over the total of three competition days.
• You need to catch 4 Pike, 3 Perch and 1 Trout only your longest fish will count.
• The points/cm are determined by the length of the fish.
• If you have caught more fish than required we will count only the longest fish.
The smaller fish will not be counted.
• Fish below the minimum size should immediately be released alive.
Minimum sizes: Pike 60 cm, Perch 20 cm, Trout 30 cm.

Ranking of your catches :
• The numbers prevail over lengths.
• Your catches are compiled in order of importance, namely:
• 4 Pike complete before your Perch or/and Trout will count.
• 4 Pike and 3 Perch complete before your Trout will count.
• 4 Pike, 3 Perch and 1 Trout beats all who are not complete.
• At equal numbers and lengths we will check all photos in centimeters.
• At equal numbers with a small length difference we will check all photos in millimeters.
• At equal numbers and lengths will count the biggest Pike.
• All fish must be released CPR.

Conduct, prohibitions and obligations:
• Participants who are in possession of a fishing boat should be at least 18 years old.
• Minimum age 14 years, but always accompanied by someone who is over 18 years.
• Steering a boat, you have to be 18 years or older…never by a younger person!
• It is forbidden during the competition to fish in the sheltered areas like private harbors, rivers etc. you have to stay on the main lake, we have to see you at all times.
• It is forbidden during the competition to switch a member of a team.
• It is forbidden during the competition to kill and/or take any fish.
• It is forbidden to both before and during the match to use pre bait to lure the fish to sites in benefit of participants.
• It is forbidden before and during the competition to stock fish dead or alive by keeping them in any kind of containers, boat compartments, storage containers and/or any other
• It is forbidden during the competition to use lip grippers.
• It is forbidden during the competition to deposit waste in the water or anywhere else.
• At least one hook cutter and proper unhooking tools must be available per boat.
• Participating fishing boats must have a working depth meter.
• It is forbidden during the competition to approach local anglers, boaters or other navigation within a range of 50 meters.

Safety and Emergency:
• Participating fishing boats should be adequate to be able to fish on big water.
• Stay away from rocky/shallow areas, don’t take any risk!
• Stay away from windy areas, stay on a safe area when the wind will pick up.
• Each member of the team must be in possession of a swimming license or other proof.
• Each person on board must wear a tested life jacket.
• At least one emergency kit must be available on board of each boat.
• At least one water map must be in your boat, on this map you can find  all emergency phone numbers . (To be provided by the organization)
• Each boat must expose at least of one liter of portable water.
• Per boat at least one set of spare clothes. (Falling overboard)
• At least one full reserve fuel tank must by a board of each boat.
• At least one mobile phone must be available per boat. (Emergencies)
• On each boat there must be an anchor + rope. (Emergency and / or broken engine)
• You must be in possession of the telephone numbers of the organisation. (To be provided by the organization)

Boat Control:
• The organization will do every day before the start of the competition a complete control on all the boats. After approval, you can enter the competition.
• During the competition we will check your boat/baits once in awhile, we will give you a signal to reel in your baits before we enter your boat.
• The organization reserves the right to check the above requirements of safety and emergency on a daily, continuous basis and on any moment.
• Controllers will carry a recognizable yellow safety vest.

• Participation in the Predator Battle is entirely based on your own risk.
• You should always respect all statutory regulations. This applies before, during and after the competition and your whole stay.
• You must be insured for liability, loss, theft, property damage, accidents, etc.

Medical help:
• You must be insured for sickness, accidents and for medical help.
• In case of accidents or illness you should self-report to a (local) doctor.
• For an emergency call the international emergency number: 999 or 112 ask for Killaloe Coast Card and tell them you are on Lough Derg.
• In case of minor injuries you can always contact the organization, numbers will provide.

• Failure to respect and/or to follow the prescribed rules.
• If fish die, by cause of apparent negligence of the participants or when you keep it.
• Participants arriving late for any competition day will be disqualified for this day.
• In case of failure on or before the match by a member of the team (disease, etc.) this team has to stop that day, not allowed to fish alone.
• Willful and negligent treatment of fish will follow into disqualification automatically.
• When misbehave such as brawling, disturbing drunkenness, vandalism, etc. you will be disqualified automatically and excluded from further competition.
• If participating boats meet other boats they will be disqualified.
• When fishing with dead, live or cut bait or other live baits, disqualification will follow.
• By feeding of any type of pre bait before or during the entire competition.
• When fishing outside the assigned competition fishing area, disqualification will follow.
• When going ashore disqualification will follow automatically.
• If the organization must act to “emergencies” caused by negligence of the team (empty fuel tank, etc.), disqualification will follow automatically.
• Disqualification of members and/or teams is determined solely by the organization.
• If you think you have to violate the regulations for an emergency, you must at all times inform the organization (orally or by telephone) to avoid disqualification.
• If you give out to us and start shouting & cursing to one or more of us, if you have a problem we will always will listen to you on a respectful way.
• It may only be permitted to violate the regulations in consultation and/or in the presence of the organization.

Guidelines Lough Derg:
• The competition area must be left clean after the event.
• Outline the competition area on time and clearly for the local anglers and community.
• Carefully handle the fish. Catch & Release only.
• All damage will be claimed on the participant and should be compensated.
• The organization monitors nuisance of participants to others.
• The competition area must be accessed via existing roads and / or dykes.
• Instructions given by the organization must immediately be followed.
• At the competition area no waste must be left behind.
• It is forbidden to damage the competition area and surroundings.
• All rules and practices according to regulations of fishing on Federated waters.
• Failure to respect the above points will lead to total exclusion of the team from further participation and damage will possibly be recovered.

For approval:
• The participant must agree to all provisions of these Regulations.
• If no agreement follows, total exclusion of participation in the competition will follow.
• Participants who willfully fail to comply with the regulations and / or commit fraud or cheating will be banned for all (also future) competitions of the Predator Battle.
• By acknowledging and agreeing to all the above regulations, the organization itself is excluded from liability.
If you have any questions about this ask for more information on the Sign in day.

May the best team win.
Kind regards,
Herman Molenaar