Welcome to the Predator Battle Ireland.
To keep it nice and the quality high we take only 50 teams!
We don’t want more teams…never, only more sponsor prizes!

Predator Battle Ireland is an open annual European Predator Angling Competition held on Lough Derg, Killaloe. You don’t have to qualify to participate in this competition.

Only artificial lures are allowed during the competition.

Three days fishing event in September CPR system Catch Photo and Release.You have to enter this competition as a team of two person, so you can pick your own partner for the three days. Not possible during the competition to change a team or person of the team.

In this angling tournament we fish for Pike, Perch and Trout. Catch and release only!!!
You need 4 Pike, 3 Perch and 1 Trout and only your longest fish will be counting.
After a catch you make a photo from the fish on a measuring board as proof.
Catch Photo and Release only ‘CPR’ do this so fast a possible please.
Ranking, go to regulations in the top menu please!

Be on time please we take only 50 teams. If you enter the competition you can change your team names or other data till one week before the competition starts To enter this competition go to “entry form”  for more questions go to regulations in the top menu please!

Need help with accommodation and/or a save parking places for your fishing boat contact me if you are coming from far. Bed and Breakfast, self-catering or others I will get better deals for you!. Boat rental. 3-course diners deals for all teams with better prices in our twin town Killaloe/Ballina for this competition and much more!