Entry fee

Entry fee for 2021 will be 780 Euro for 1 team of 2 persons.

• Including free goodies/vouchers/finger food etc. at the team meeting day.
• Including free food at the prize giving evening and more free goodies.
• Extra prizes for the biggest Pike, Perch and Trout of the competition.

You can enter this competition only by filling in the entry form on this site!

First payment:
After registering you have to pay directly the deposit of 280 Euro per team.
When we have received your deposit we will announce you on the public list.
If you cancel participation there is NO REFUND of your deposit of 280 Euro.
Final payment:
The final fee of 500 Euro must be paid in full before the 31st of May.
If you enter after the 31st of May you have to pay the full amount directly.
But there is a chance that we already have enough teams at that moment.

If you cancel participation there is NO REFUND of any paid entry fee!

We take only 60 teams of 2 persons for this competition, so be on time. If you enter the competition you can change your team names or other data till two weeks before the competition starts. Whit more than 60 teams you will be added on the waiting list.
Often enough teams pull out by not paying the first deposit, and than you are in!

To enter this competition go to “entry form”  for more questions go to “regulations” in the top menu.